What does it mean clean-label signature on foods and drinks?

While it is true that there is no single definition on the category, the concept is usually associated with foods and beverages that have been made from ingredients 100% natural using transformation and preservation processes that do not violate their original properties.

What benefits do I get from a clean label food and / or drink?

Each ingredient in its natural state is composed of macro and micro nutrients whose functionality translates into a specific benefit to our body. If we want to reinforce the vision we go for example to the carrot in its raw state since it contains beta-carotene which is a precursor of vitamin A whose main function is to preserve the health of specialized tissues such as the retina that allows us to see better in the darkness.

How do I recognize a clean label food and / or drink?

Check the ingredients list, usually they are few and very easy to recognize / pronounce too. The vast majority of these products come in a raw or semi-crude state, as they do not use thermal processes in their transformation and preservation.

Are the products made at Break Point Foods under clean label signature then?

That’s right, our cold-pressed juices, fruit / vegetable bars, vegetable chips, fall into this category.

What is a cold pressed juice HPP?

Basically fruits and vegetables to which a huge pressure is applied, both for the extraction and preservation of the product. That’s right, we do not add sugar or water, we do not heat, all 100% natural and raw. More information? Please check the product’s profile and / or write to us at contacto@breakpointfoods.com

What is a fruit / vegetable bar?

It is a snack in a bar format with high nutritional density, a source of natural energy. Based on fruit / vegetable and covered with awesome chocolate. More information?, please check the product profile and / or write us at contacto@breakpointfoods.com

Are there any restrictions on consumption?

None, although we suggest consulting the doctor in case of allergies / diseases / specific diets. More information?, please check the product profile and / or write us at contacto@breakpointfoods.com

I still have questions / queries, where can I write?

No worries, we can help you. Do not hesitate to write us at contacto@breakpointfoods.com

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